If you buy basic t-shirt dresses at Queen W boutiques for $250 then “Preserve” is for you

Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 12.05.17 AM

By now everyone must have heard about Blake Lively’s new venture: Preserve. It is a lifestyle website that sells everything form 7 dollar ketchup to this 49 dollar cup for drinking milk while eating cookies. The website starts off with a “letter from the editor”  where she lets it known that she is hungry for experience and not just enchiladas.

When you first get to the website, there is an introductory video which let’s be honest does not make any sense. It is a cute video, I will give her that but it is nonsense. And then you get to the “letter from the editor” AKA Ms. Lively herself. Again, the letter has an emo high school kid feel to it. And you are still left wondering what is this website?

I finally just click on “Shop”, and the first item is a 7 dollar ketchup which could be a preservative-free version of the one you find in the grocery store but at the same time there is no description of the product so I am not sure why I would buy ketchup for 7 bucks. As I browse more products, I am beginning to see what this is all about: it is random expensive shit that they sell in those cute little shops on Queen Street West only now you can order them online. They are handmade or something as well which is still not obvious to me right now.

There are some positives to the website – promoting local artisans who usually don’t have a platform to sell their goods besides urban farmers markets. Preserve also claims to donate a portion of its sales to charity.

Although celebrity lifestyle websites are quickly becoming the norm, I still commend Blake Lively for venturing outside her comfort zone. However, the website is pretty ameteurish. The purpose and vision is not clear. It tries to tug at your emotional heartstrings but that ends soon with the sticker shock. I guess the same crowd that buys t-shirts for 250 dollars at kitschy hipster boutiques would most likely order something from here.


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