Everything you wanted to know about the Kardashian app but were afraid to ask


The way I got sucked into the Kardashian app is pretty much the same way I got sucked into the Kardashian reality show (we all have a vice, get off your moral high ground Bachelor/Big Brother fans). Now, I am as proud of watching Kardashians as I am of eating a whole medium deep dish pizza in Chicago by myself. With both these activities, I go through the same cycle of attraction, satisfaction, and then deep regret. I personally hate useless apps but I wanted to try this one out of curiosity (or should I say Kuriosity)

The Kardashian “app” first of all is not really an app, it is a game similar to Mafia Wars or Farmville or something. It starts off with you dressing your avatar where you get to pick her initial look which is pretty basic some jeans and r-shirts and a dress. In order to access trendier outfits, you need to unlock various levels and earn money or points. Your character starts off working at a boutique where Kim Kardashian visits. As the game progresses, various little challenges are thrown your way e.g. making your way to a photo studio and getting your portfolio done. Once accomplished, you earn money or even a star. Whatever you earn can be used towards buying outfits etc.

I downloaded it on my Google Nexus tablet. The interface is a little confusing when you start but it takes little time getting used to. The graphics are pretty solid and Kim’s sound bites keep you company throughout (so cuh-oot) which may or may not induce a nails on chalk board feeling. I was actually pretty into it (and I am not really a fan of this genre of games) until I hit the level where I have to spend an hour at a photo shoot doing nothing (like real time HOUR) which I found pretty ridiculous. At which I point I turned it off. I have to say the most enjoyable part has to be dressing up the avatar and being awarded points for it (which was also my favourite thing about Wii).

So there you have it folks, another aspect of our life taken over by the Kardashian Klan. There is nothing particularly revolutionary about this “app” but it is definitely a decent time kill. So I urge you to stay away or download it, it’s totally up to you.

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