Top 5 ALS bucket challenge videos

Lately I have been hearing grumblings about ice bucket challenge and it taking over the social media. Basically the same grumblings I heard during the make up free selfie phenomena that happened a few months ago to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. I have previously relayed my views on online activism and how it’s not always counter productive and  still stand by it. If you asked me two days ago what ALS was, I had no clue. I had no idea it was the same as Lou Gehrig’s disease. I had no idea more males than females are prone to it and I certainly had no idea it is most common among the age group 40 to 70.

So maybe these videos are taking up real estate on your precious social media feed but at the end of the day it is raising awareness and also raising money for more research towards the disease. That being said I have rounded up my top 5 favourite celebrity ice bucket challenges:

1. Sonakshi Sinha

Why: She is a Bollywood actress residing in India where water shortages are common. She did the gesture of pouring water over herself instead of actual water. In a country where clean water is not accessible to millions, she managed to raise awareness of two causes in one go. Bravo!

2. Ike Barkinholtz

Why: He is the loveable nurse on Mindy Project (who is now hot all of a sudden??), anyway going through a serious Mindy withdrawal, so I had to nominate Ike. He also touched upon the preserve water message.

3. Anna Wintour

Why: More like why not? The queen of ice getting iced is entertainment all around (except not)

4. Ben Affleck

Why: Jennifer Garner throwing a bucket of cold water on Ben Affleck and their kids laughing in the background? I think an angel lost a wing in heaven. I think it’s THAT adorbs

5. George Bush

Why: Laura Bush asking George to write the check to her and take the ice bucket challenge instead shows George is whipped (and not just by Dick Cheney). And then he further challenged Bill Clinton, although I would love to see Cheney do an ice bucket challenge as well.

And just so that we don’t lose sight of the actual cause in the celeb ho hum, here is a video shot by someone who has ALS running through the family (keep the kleenex handy)


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