3 reasons why the iPod cannot die

Washington Post recently came out with an article on the death of the iPod. Although all signs may point to its demise. I don’t think it will die as yet or ever. It may not be highest selling product of the apple family but very few niche users will continue to keep it in demand.

I have never really been a techy gadgety person. I am not averse to new technology and I really adapt pretty quick if I have to but I am not a big fan of useless electronics taking up prime real estate (or any real estate) in my house. However, I was given my first iPod in 2003 as a Holiday gift from my sister who then lived in Bay Area, California. I had never owned a CD player and I never considered myself to be a very musical person, basically listening to anything that played on the radio. Well this lovely device changed my life for the better. Long story short, I finally found life beyond crap played on the radio and am now a music snob.

Why won’t the iPod die? Here are my top three reasons:

  1. iPhones are too bulky at the gym – the idea of dragging along a large fragile smartphone (which just got larger) seems absurd to me. I rather clip on my trusty nano and focus on my workout rather than worry if my iPhone will break (or bend). Besides I am at the gym to work out not to check email in between reps.
  2. Headphones accidentally unplugging – Okay I may be a music snob but I do have a LOT of embarrassing music that I occasionally listen to. Once while listening to said music, my headphones accidentally unplugged and everyone in the subway car stared at me except for the cute guy who had so far been giving me looks now just looked the other way (true story).
  3. House party pains – Imagine going to a house party and you want to plant your iPhone in the dock to monopolize the music scene of the evening but you really don’t want to leave your iPhone with contacts in the hands of a few drunk shitheads (we all know how that ends).

Many of you may think these are very vain reasons for not giving up my iPod (and in hindsight it does seem like all these reasons have a life changing incident behind them that may or may not have left me scarred) but these are still some design concerns that Apple needs to take into consideration before making the iPod obsolete.

Right now I am still using my iPod Nano from 2007 (yes I have an iPhone and an iPod). Here is what it is looks like. The cover is pretty much a write off but I am not sure where else can I go buy a new one. If anyone has a clue, let me know!


Photo 2014-09-29, 11 31 10 PM


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