Netflix – its journey from online bargain bin to online awesomeness

Netflix for me started out as a bargain bin. I have had a love hate relationship with Cable (hate-love-hate) as well as Netflix (hate-hate-love) since about 2010. I am not going to get into my journey of going sans cable as I have chronicled it here.

But what I didn’t mention in my previous post was how depressing (for the lack of a better word) Netflix was at that point. It was the online bargain bin. Anything you would find in a bin at now defunct Blockbuster, could be found on Netflix. Prompting me to get cable back. But then about a year or so ago, things changed for the better.

It all started when I decided to check out the hoopla behind the show House of Cards which is a Netflix production. I remember watching a few episodes and thinking to myself, wow this is an almost HBO quality show. I remember telling this to a friend and they literally laughed on my face as apparently nothing really compares to HBO.

By then I had caught wind of Breaking Bad (I know 5 years too late) and to my surprise the entire season was on Netflix. I ripped through all seasons within 6 weeks after which I latched on to Orange in the new black. Another great Netflix production and by now I was convinced Netflix was not just an almost HBO but it was much better. Not just in terms of quality but accessibility as well. What’s more, HBO’s series “Girls” placed the first two episodes of their third season on Youtube.

Internet has become the most convenient method of “TV” viewing. For a period of time, production houses were getting were worried about piracy related to illegal streaming. Even though piracy still exists, channels like iTunes, Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu are taking care of the legal issue. They are increasing affordable as well – you are paying for what you want to see rather than paying a premium and still have nothing to watch. And with devices like Boxee, your streaming experience gets even better.

Does this spell the end of cable? I am still holding my reservation on that. But all things lead to one conclusion – scheduled TV programming is not what it used to be. And this will have a ripple effect on other mediums as well particularly advertisement. Companies will have to get more creative with their Marketing technique rather than just spending most of their dollars on TV ad campaigns as TV ratings are not what they used to be. In the meantime I will enjoy re-runs of Mindy Project on Netflix. How amaze is that?!